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Bloggers Quilt Festival!

Calling all quilters!  Did you know there is a Blogger’s Quilt Festival?  Check out Amy’s Creative Side!  This is a quote from Amy on her blog:

“Bloggers’ Quilt Festival is for everyone!  Young and old, all styles are welcome.  There’s no judging, just inspiration with each and every click!  I have timed it to coincide with Quilt Market in the fall and spring each year.  Our festival runs for two weeks this time, and there will be opportunity for your quilts to be nominated to win by your peers.”

I will be submitting a couple of quilts for fun…

1.  This is my favourite two color quilt – made up of various purples (Michelle’s favourite color) and natural linen.  I wanted something that was modern for her.  She can use it as a wall quilt or on a table.  I am just starting to design quilts myself and am pretty pleased with this result.  BTW – Michelle and her soon to be hubby loved it!

I designed this for my step-daughter as a ‘shower’ present for her upcoming wedding later this spring.

2.  This is another in the Two-Color quilt category – for my daughter Melissa.  She saw me working on this one and immediately asked if she could have it.  It has a hanging sleeve on it, so it is ready for display.  The pattern is based on Elizabeth (Don’t Call Me Betsy) design for the Modern Mini Challenge.

For my daughter Melissa

3.  This is “Stars Over Fort Sumter”.  I was given the pattern (by Bonnie Blue Quilts) in a goodie baskets received while recovering from foot surgery.  I loved the pattern and often just looked at it dreaming of making this.  A couple years later, I was on vacation in Charleston, SC (which is gorgeous, I might add).  We just happened upon a quilt shop! (Amazing, I know!) I found a line of reproduction fabric called ‘Charleston’ and knew immediately that I had to have it.  My hubby was wonderful and not only encouraged me to purchase it, but carried it around all day, while walking around the historical district of the city!  It took another year to get it completed, but now I have the world’s best souvenir of our holiday.

My current favourite quilt

Those are my submissions…So come and check out the Bloggers Quilt Festival, meet some of the featured quilters & join in on the fun!



I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

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