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November – Photo-a-Day Recap

November is over and all thoughts are now on the upcoming holiday season – there will be lots of parties, pot-lucks and of course, Christmas Day!

Recently I stumbled upon an interesting blog by Chantelle – Fat Mum Slim!  She shares a list of photo prompts and those individuals interested can share their photos each day on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs, Tumblr, Flickr or where ever you like.

I like to follow along – it makes you think about the photos you take.  I think it also helps improve your photography.  I am also getting to know my iPhone better and some of the cool ‘apps’ available.  I have learned so much in the past month.  So, without further delay, here are my photos for the month of November….

1.  something beginning with ‘c’

My name begins with C – this was a gift from my old boss when I resigned to move to the country – I love it (what girl wouldn’t like a gift from Tiffany’s)

Nov 1 - something beginning with 'c' #fmsphotoaday

2.  colour

Love the colours here – this is soft and very light-weight.  I am making a scarf/shawl with this…as it turned out, it was a bigger challenge than I first anticipated, but it is coming along.

Nov 2 - color (soon to be my new scarf) #fmsphotoaday

3.  breakfast

Not my usual breakfast, but my sweet hubby brought home some fresh raisin bread – that with my morning coffee was wonderful.

Nov 3 - "breakfast" #fmsphotoaday

4.  tv

I find taking pictures of TV’s very boring so I enlisted the aid of my friend, Mr. Sock Monkey.  He was happy to oblige.

Nov 4 - prompt is TV; my favorite helper has taken the remote hostage! #fmsphotoaday

5.  5 o’clock:  take a photo of whatever you are doing at 5am or 5pm

I was home that day and doing what I like to do best – quilting.  This ended up being pillow cases for my sofa cushions.  Very Christmasy!

Nov 5 - 5 o'clock - I'm quilting #fmsphotoaday

6.  a favourite thing

I love my morning coffee!

Nov 6 - A favorite thing (my morning coffee) #fmsphotoaday

7.  reflection

This is Picton Harbour in Picton, ON in Prince Edward County where I live – I took this photo back in the summer…

Nov 7 - reflections (taken this summer) #fmsphotoaday

8.  something you do everyday

I love to read in the evening before bed…I read every day!  Sometimes for 5 minutes; sometimes for hours…

Nov 8 - something I do everyday {read}. #fmsphotoaday

9.  small

Remembrance Day is coming up – wearing a poppy is a small way to show respect and remember those that fought and died for our way of life.

Nov 9 - small - a small way to show respect and thanks for those who gave their lives for us. #fmsphotoaday

10.  can’t {won’t} live without

My hubby, my best friend, my confident…nothing else needed to explain.

Nov 10 - Can't {won't} live without - my hubby/partner/best friend - #fmsphotoaday

11.  night

This is my bedtime corner of the world.  It is very cozy and comforting…I have my books, my music, my alarm and a cute quilt on the wall

Nov 11 - Night - my bedtime corner #fmsphotoaday

12.  drink

I do enjoy a good glass of wine

Nov 12 - Drink #fmsphotoaday

13.  where you slept

self explanatory

Nov 13, Where you slept/nap bed - #fmsphotoaday #messybed

14.  man-made

This cool, old, truck has been sitting in this spot for as long as I have been living in ‘the county’…I love taking pictures of in in all seasons!

Nov 14 - man-made #fmsphotoaday

15.  in your bag

My aunt gave me this awesome Louis Vuitton handbag a few years ago – currently it looks like this inside.

Nov 15 - in your bag #fmsphotoaday

16.  the view from your window

It was a wonderful, crisp, frosty morning – this is the view from my car, on my way to work

Nov 16 - the view from my window, on my way to work. #fmsphotoaday

17.  the last thing you bought

Ingredients for “Cranberry Bliss Bars”.  My hubby has a real sweet tooth and I like to make a treat for him on the weekends.

Nov 17 - the last thing you bought (ingredients for dessert) #fmsphotoaday

18.  happened this weekend

I finished a wall quilt for a friend’s birthday – she loves it….

Nov 18 - Happened this weekend - finished a wall quilt as a birthday gift for a dear friend. #fmsphotoaday

19.  something awesome

Another gorgeous sunrise!  Totally awesome!

Nov 19 - Something awesome (today's sunrise) #fmsphotoaday

20.  work/play

I love this photo – mostly because I learned to use a new app on my iphone – picframe!!!  Cool, isn’t it!

Nov 20 - Work/Play #PicFrame #fmsphotoaday

21.  what you wore

Old scarf, new sweater that I made 🙂

Nov 21 - what I wore (new scarf) #PicFrame #fmsphotoaday

22.  grateful

I am so grateful to live in this beautiful rural area.  I love the views, the sunrises, the sunsets….

Nov 22 - grateful - grateful for everyday I get to spend with my family! #fmsphotoaday

23.  black

I love this tape dispenser – it sits on my desk at work – added benefit is that the ‘guys’ don’t walk off with it anymore either

Nov 23 - BLACK - my tape dispenser! (a girl's gotta have some fun @ work) #fmsphotoaday

24.  a sound you heard

One of my favourite sounds….the hum of my sewing machine!

Nov 24 - a sound you heard;  the hum of my sewing machine #fmsphotoaday

25.  sky

We have such beautiful and dramatic skies and today wasn’t one of them…so I decided a black and white treatment was in order…I like it.

Nov 25 - sky - it's overcast here and trying to snow. #fmsphotoaday  #black&white

26.  in the cupboard

My new Fiestaware – my table is always cheerful now!

Nov 26 - in the cupboard; my new Fiestaware dishes! #fmsphotoaday

27.  tree

This giant old willow sits on the edge of a large marsh – the sun just peeked up over the horizon and painted the branches in a beautiful rose light.

Nov 27 - tree (the sun just came up catching the branches of this big guy. #fmsphotoaday

28.  vehicle

This vintage tractor sits on a front lawn in the town of Bloomfield – it is covered in Christmas lights.  It is so cute – much cuter live than this sad photo, but you do get the idea.

Nov 28 - vehicle - vintage tractor on a lawn covered on Christmas lights #fmsphotoaday #tractor #Christmaslights

29.  big

Another glorious sunrise….big sky with some snow clouds!

Big - Nov 29 - big, beautiful sky at sunrise

30.  on the wall

This plaque was a gift from a fellow quilter and good friend – it hangs in my guest room….I love the sentiment.

Nov 30 - on the wall #fmsphotoaday

Thanks for coming along on this journey – I’m all excited for the December prompt…

See you soon, Connie 🙂


I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

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