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February – Photo-a-day Challenge

I am still having fun with the photo of the day challenge with Chantelle of  Fat Mum Slim as well as with my FaceBook group!

I like to follow along – it makes you think about the photos you take.  I think it also helps improve your photography.  I am also getting to know my iPhone better and some of the cool ‘apps’ available.  I continue to learn so much about my phone and photography.  So, without further delay, here are my photos for the month of February…

1. FIRST…the FatMumSlim list:

1. Fork: Everyone has a fork lying around at home, or work, right? Get creative and see how you can shoot it with a little style.
Fork {a series of forks; confused? ...start on the outside & work your way in} #fmsphotoaday
2. Pattern: Look around and see where you can find pattern in your day. Is it in something you’re wearing? In a rug you come across in your travels? On some wallpaper, a book or something else?
Feb 2 - pattern #fmsphotoaday #fence
3. Something beginning with ‘E’: Take a photo of something beginning with the letter E.
Feb - 3 something beginning with 'e' #eggs #fmsphotoaday
4. Hope: Oh, a hard one. How would you photograph hope? Is it something you wish for? Someone who gives you hope? A quote that brings hope to your life?
Feb 4 - hope {dawn of a new day always brings hope} #fmsphotoaday #sunrise
5. Something you smelled: What’s something you came across today that smelled {or smelt depending on where you live}. Take a photo of it.
Feb 5 - something you smell {roses from my step-daughter's wedding last summer} #fmsphotoaday #roses #memory #wedding
6. Soft: Take a photo of something deliciously soft.
Feb 6 - soft {my old lamb's wool teddy bear from Germany; as old as I am and well loved} #fmsphotoaday #teddybear #childhood
7. Your name: This is a fun way to get to know each other. Perhaps you could take a photo of a name badge you use for work {or even an old one}, your name on an award you received, or perhaps you can scribble down your name on paper and show us that way?
Feb 7 - my name #fmsphotoaday
8. Something orange: Find something orange or a few things and take a photo.
Feb 8 - something orange {oranges in an orange Fiestaware bowl} #fmsphotoaday  #orange
9. Guilty pleasure: What’s something you enjoy but kinda feel guilty about doing so. Chocolate, expensive magazines, fancy shoes… do tell!
Feb 9 - guilty pleasure {peanut butter & chocolate ice cream}
10. 3 o’clock: Take a photo of whatever you’re doing in the hour between three and four. It could be in the middle of the night {you party animal, you!} or during the day.
Feb 10 - 3 o'clock {...and all is well} #fmsphotoaday #snow #princeedwardcounty
11. Entrance: Think of a door, a gate, an archway… a way of getting through to another place. Which entrance will you choose?
Feb 11 - entrance {or rather a 'forgotten' entrance} #fmsphotoaday #princeedwardcounty
12. Where you ate lunch: Where did you eat lunch today? At your favourite cafe? On the floor with the kids? At your work/school canteen? Share it. We wanna see!
Feb 12 - where I ate lunch {predictable; at my desk @ work} #fmsphotoaday #lunch
13. Walking: Take a walk today, even if it’s just a short one – and show us what you see.
Feb 13 - walking {I'm not but these folks are!} #fmsphotoaday
14. Love is…: It’s Valentine’s Day so show us what love means to you. Is it a heart, a person, a feeling?
Feb 14 - love is ... {love letters, chocolates & homemade treats for my hubby aka my Valentine } #fmsphotoaday #love #valentine
15. Inside your fridge: Give us a sneak peek into your life. What’s inside your fridge?
Feb 15 - inside my fridge {left-kitchen fridge / right-beverage-overflow fridge} #fmsphotoaday #fridge
16. Perfect: Take a photo of something you think is perfect. A beautiful flower, your child, a painting… anything.
Feb 16 - perfect {a perfect day for a drive} #fmsphotoaday #princeedwardcounty
17. In your hand: Take a photo of something in your hand.
Feb 17 - in your hand {every morning, my coffee} #fmsphotoaday #coffee
18. Something you don’t like: Personally, I don’t like making my bed. What don’t you like?
Feb 18 - something you don't like {passing big trucks on the highway} #fmsphotoaday #driving
19. I am…: Share something about you. Are you tired? Brave? Strong? Happy? Or even take a self-portrait.
Feb 19 - I am ... {always in awe of a daily beautiful sunrise} #fmsphotoaday #sunrise #princeedwardcounty
20. Where you stood: Go about your day and take a photo of where you stood. It could be on the train platform on the way to work, or amongst the laundry at home, or at the park, or at the movies… anywhere!
Feb 20 - where I stood {lined up @ Starbucks} #fmsphotoaday #starbucks #coffee
21. Full: Take a photo of full. A jar full of something? Or interpret it another way if you like {you creative thing you!}
Feb 21 - full {my morning coffee} #fmsphotoaday #starbucks #coffee
22. Makes you smile: What’s making you happy right now? Take a photo of it.
Feb 22 - makes me smile {the only spot of blue sky on a gray & cloudy day} #fmsphotoaday #sky
23. A word: Capture a word. It could be some graffiti on a wall, a sign, a book title…
Feb 23 - a word "SOAR" {I refuse to be average!} #fmsphotoaday
24. Cloud: Take a photo of a cloud today {let’s hope the weather plays nice today!}
Feb 24 - clouds {lots of them} #fmsphotoaday #clouds
25. On your bedside table: What’s on your bedside table? And if you don’t have one… what’s beside your bed?
Feb 25 - on your bedside table {lamp, iPod dock/alarm, assortment of books, iPhone charging, mug of hot lemon} #fmsphotoaday
26. Quiet: Take a photo of quiet. What does it look like to you?
Feb 26 - quiet {the quiet beginning of a new day} #fmsphotoaday
27. Playing: How do you have fun? Capture play in your life.
Feb 27 - playing {with scraps...maybe a pouch?} #fmsphotoaday #quilting
28. Upside down: Take a photo of something upside down. Should be fun!
Feb 28 - upside down {reflection of the office door in my glass counter} #fmsphotoaday

2. Secondly…the FaceBook list:

1 – Exercise
Exercise #photoaday
2 – Best second-hand find
Feb 2 - best second-hand find {I know I am re-posting this, but it IS my best find!} #photoaday
3 – Family tree
Feb 3 - family tree {this is the closest I can get to a family tree; the family photo collage} #photoaday
4 – I approve…
Feb 4 - I approve ... {of a car wash to rid my car of road-salt!} #photoaday
5 – Depression glass
Feb 5 - depression glass {a wonderful old pitcher; and sometimes vase} #photoaday #depressionglass
6 – A letter of the alphabet
Feb 6 - a letter of the alphabet {'c' my first initial} #photoaday #tiffany's
7 – Something you use everyday
Feb 7 - something you use {quilting necessities} #photoaday
8 – Old tools
Feb 8 - old tools {old wood clamp} #photoaday
9 – Micro-photography
Feb 9 - micro-photo {my birthstone earrings} #photoaday
10 – Not what I thought
Feb 10 - not what I thought {sorting through my cook books - didn't think it would take soo long!} #photoaday #books #cookbooks
11 – Your happy place
Feb 11 - my happy place {my sewing/quilting/creating room} #photoaday #quilting #janome
12 – Patterns
Feb 12 - patterns {I love the pattern in the row of old barracks} #photoaday #princeedwardcounty #patterns
13 – Tins
Feb 13 - tins {cake & baking tins; spices in tins; tinned goods in my pantry} #photoaday
14 – Red
Feb 14 - red {on the cutest card from my Valentine}  #photoaday #valentine #love
15 – Part of a tree
Feb 15 - part of a tree {bark of a Maple} #photoaday #tree
16 – Old silverware
Feb 12 - old silverware {family heirlooms} #photoaday
17 – Quiet please!
Feb 17 - quiet please! {people are still asleep} #photoaday
18 – In motion
Feb 18 - in motion 'round two' {plane approaching Pearson International Airport-YYZ from the 401} #photoaday
19 – Close to the ground
Feb 19 - close to the ground {literally; the sidewalk outside of my office} #photoaday
20 – Indulgence
Feb 20 - indulgence {my morning coffee} #photoaday #starbucks #coffee
21 – Monument
Feb 22 - monument {the cenotaph in Picton honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in WWI, WW II, and Korea} #photoaday #picton #princeedwardcounty #cenotaph #soldier
22 – Favorite pin
Feb 22 - favorite pin {my little hedgehog beside a 'pin cushion' made by my daughter}
23 – This old house
Feb 23 - this old house {my piece of heaven on earth} #photoaday #princeedwardcounty
24 – Hung on the wall
Feb 24 - hung on the wall {a quilt; a painting; my bulletin board with my quilting ribbons} #photoaday
25 – Teapot
Feb 25 - teapot {it was my 'going away' gift from work when I resigned to go live in the country. It is made in France. The chrome cozy is lined to keep your tea warm} #photoaday #teapot #fiestaware
26 – Music
Feb 26 - music {my iPod Nano; I'm never far from it} #photoaday
27 – Simplicity
Feb 27 - simplicity {I love how the simple design has turned out for this baby quilt} #photoaday #quilting #quilt #babyquilt
28 – Air
Feb 28 - air {the 'air' full of snow, reflected in the outdoor light, during last night's snowfall} #photoaday #snow

There you have it! February done and dusted! Thanks for visiting, until next time, Connie 🙂


I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

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