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March 2013 Photo-a-day Challenge

I am still having fun with the photo of the day challenge with Chantelle of  Fat Mum Slim as well as with my FaceBook group!

I like to follow along – it makes you think about the photos you take.  I think it also helps improve your photography.  I am also getting to know my iPhone better and some of the cool ‘apps’ available.  I continue to learn so much about my phone and photography.  So, without further delay, here are my photos for the month of March…

Facebook List:

1. Q:
Mar 1 - 'Q' {the frozen Bay of "QUINTE"} #photoaday #bayofquinte
2. H:
Mar 2 - 'H' {hand; this is my oven-mit} #photoaday
3. G:
Mar 3 - 'G' {gecko; a souvenir that my daughter brought} #photoaday
4. Three:
Mar 4 - three {3 silos} #photoaday #barn #silos
5. R:
Mar 5 - 'R' {red in my kitchen} #photoaday
6. Y:
Mar 6 - 'Y' {barn YARD}. #photoaday #princeedwardcounty #barn
7. D:
Mar 7 - 'D' {66 Gilead Distillery} Local makers of vodka & gin #photoaday #princeedwardcounty #distillery #vodka #gin #buylocal #66gilead
8. Two:
Mar 8 - two {antique Steiff Mecki & Micki Hedgehogs from Germany}. These little guys are originals from my childhood. #photoaday #Steiff #Hipstamatic #Jane #KodotXGrizzled
9. M:
Mar 9 - 'M' {mud - one of the first signs if SPRING!}  #photoaday
10. E:
Mar 10 - 'E' {egret taken last September in Florida} #photoaday #egret #florida #bird #gulfofmexico #madierabeach
11. L:
Mar 11 - 'L' {latte} mmmm #photoaday #starbucks
12. O:
Mar 12 - 'O' {my stream has OVER-FLOWED its banks due to last night's rain! #photoaday #princeedwardcounty #spring #flooding
13. N:
Mar 13 - 'N' {my NEW mug; gift from a friend who knows my addiction} #photoaday #starbucks #coffee
14. J:
Mar 14 - 'J' {jelly beans; to raise money for the local Red Cross} #photoaday
15. P:
Mar 15 - 'P' {Picton is where I live; but I had an audience this morning} #photoaday #princeedwardcounty
16. A:
Mar 16 - 'A' {ARRIVAL of my daughter & boyfriend for a weekend visit} #photoaday
17. Green:
Mar 17 - green {my parsley is coming up through the snow} #fmsphotoaday #green #photoaday
18. F:
Mae 18 - 'F' {frost on my car; brrrr - chilly this morning -11C} #photoaday
19. T:
Mar 19 - 'T' {I love my coffee but also really enjoy a good cuppa TEA, loose leaf if possible} #photoaday
20. V:
Mar 20 - 'V' {vineyard} Huff Estates #photoaday #huffestates #princeedwardcounty
21. B:
Mar 21 - 'B' {butter bell} keeps your butter fresh & soft (@ room temperature)
22. S:
Mar 22 - 'S' {silo} #photoaday #princeedwardcounty #barns #silo
23. U:
Mar 23 - 'u' {looking UP to see if we need an UMBRELLA} another sign of spring! #photoaday
24. X:
Mar 24 - 'x' {x-road = crossroad} #photoaday #princeedwardcounty
25. W:
Mar 25 - 'w' {the WELLINGTON Times; one of our three local papers}
26. One:
Mar 26 - one {one of the windows in an abandoned building @ the old army base in Picton} #photoaday #decay #abandoned
27. Z:
Mar 27 - 'z' {Zythepsary (n) A brewery.  Barley Days Brewery} #photoaday #beer #brewery #princeedwardcounty
28. Four:
Mar 28 - four {Clydesdales having breakfast-four legged animals}. Aren't they gorgeous? ##photoaday #horses #clydesdales #princeedwardcounty
29. K:
Mar 29 - 'k' {baking hot crossed buns in my KITCHEN} #photoaday #easter #baking #princeedwardcounty
30. C:
Mar 30 - 'c' {what else could it be...COFFEE!} #photoaday  #coffee #fiestaware
31. I:
Mar 31 - 'I' {irises peeking out in the spring sunshine} #PhotoToaster #photoaday #spring

FatMumSlim List:

1. L is for…: Pick something that begins with the letter L and snap it. Love, light… whatever you please.
Mar 1 - L is for ... "Log on" which I do daily (several times actually) #fmsphotoaday
2. I made this!: Are you a clever clog? Take a photo of something you made. It could be a mess, dinner, something crafty or anything that you made yourself.
Mar 2 - I made this!  {my first attempt at appliqué; back in 2005} #fmsphotoaday #quilt #quilting
3. Key: Take a photo of a key. Be as creative as you can/like.
Mar 3 - key #fmsphotoaday #key
4. Lucky: Take a photo of something that you use for luck, or something that makes you feel lucky. Or how ever you want to interpret luck!
Mar 4 - lucky {haven't found a lucky 4-leaf one yet!} #fmsphotoaday
5. Under: Get down and take a photo of ‘under’. It could be something hiding underneath something, or your perspective from under something.
Mar 5 - under {shoes under my dresser} #fmsphotoaday
6. Chair: We see handfuls of them everyday, so why not take a photo?
Mar 6 - chair {my 'tractor' chair; my favorite in the sewing room} #fmsphotoaday #chair
7. Fear: What are you afraid of? What does fear look like to you?
Mar 7 - fear {nothing to fear except fear itself} #fmsphotoaday
8. Favourite: Take a photo of something that is your favourite: food, person, place, thing, book…
Mar 8 - favorite {I love sunny almost spring mornings} #fmsphotoaday #princeedwardcounty
9. Faceless self-portrait: Can you take a self-portrait without your face in it? Perhaps it’s your hands, your feet or some other part of you?
Mar 9 - faceless self portrait #fmsphotoaday #iphone
10. I want…: What do you want in your life? Shoot it.
Mar 10 - I want ... {my headache to go away }
11. Important: Take a photo of something important in your day today.
Mar 10 - important {breakfast; the most IMPORTANT meal of the day!} #fmsphotoaday
12. In the distance: What is that thing that you see far away? A bird? A plane? A small child running away? Capture it as best you can.
Mar 12 - in the distance {returning geese} ...also a clearing sky after a very rainy night. #fmsphotoaday #princeedwardcounty #spring
13. Sound: Sound is a hard one to shoot, can you do it? What’s something you heard today?
Mar 13 - sound {love listening to my satellite radio on my way to work} #fmsphotoaday
14. Tasty: This is the perfect excuse to eat something particularly delicious today, right?
Mar 14 - tasty {banana chocolate chunk muffin; mmmmm} my morning treat! #fmsphotoaday #starbucks #muffin
15. Explore: Take a walk and explore where you are today.
Mar 15 - explore {an open gate; an invitation to explore} #fmsphotoaday #princeedwardcounty #winter #snow
16. 9 o’clock: What are you doing at 9am or 9pm today. Share it with us.
Mar 16 - 9 o'clock {AM and the ice jam from earlier this week is gone; the flooding has cleared; and all is well} #fmsphotoaday #princeedwardcounty
17. Green: It’s St Patrick’s Day – find something green.
Mar 17 - green {my parsley is coming up through the snow} #fmsphotoaday #green #photoaday
18. Shoes: {charity prompt} Take a photo of yours or somebody’s else.
Mar 18 - shoes #fmsphotoaday
19. A sign: We pass by them everyday: street signs, shop signs, signs in our homes – what’s the most interesting one you come across today?
Mar 19 - a sign {a sign of spring is returning geese} #fmsphotoaday #princeedwardcounty #geese
20. Clean: What does clean mean to you? The way a person looks? The state of your home? An empty bowl?
Mar 20 - clean #fmsphotoaday
21. Working: This could be you working {or at school} or could be something working {functioning as it should}.
Mar 21 - working {I'm 'working' on putting the binding on this quilt} #fmsphotoaday #quilt #janome #PhotoToaster
22. About you: Share something we don’t know about you. Share a photo and a few sentences.
Mar 22 - about me {I love early mornings; especially watching the world around me wake up} #fmsphotiaday #princeedwardcounty #sunrise #PhotoToaster
23. What you do for fun: Do you dance? Read? Play? Tell us in a photo.
Mar 22 - What you do for fun {take pictures while my hubby washes the car} Making the car happy by getting all the road salt off!
24. Up: Take a photo of what you see when you look up, or another interpretation!
Mar 24 - up {looking up at my ceiling fan with some cool effects} #fmsphotoaday
25. In your drawer: Give us a sneak peak into what’s in your drawer {kitchen, bedroom, work, bathroom… anywhere}.
Mar 25 - in your drawer {cutlery / silverware drawer} #fmsphotoaday
26. Something you did: Did you run? Drink something? Wrote something? Talked to someone? Get creative and show it in a photo.
Mar 26 - something I did {went to the Bulk Barn for Easter baking supplies-crazy, I know} #fmsphotoaday #easterbaking #bulkbarn
27. Pair: These two things below together, but what are they? Find a pair and take a snap.
Mar 27 - pair {a pair of pairs of weatherproof foot ware - black = winter / yellow = spring} #fmsphotoaday #boots #shoes
28. In the mirror: Take a photo of something reflecting in the mirror. It doesn’t have to be you… get creative.
Mar 28 - on the mirror {my dressing room} #fmsphotoaday #mirror
29. Goodnight: Whatever you do tonight, take a photo of part of it.
Mar 29 - goodnight #fmsphotoaday #sockmonkey #bedtime #reading #dickfrancis
30. Relax: What do you do to relax? Share it in a photo.
Mar 30 - relax {with family & a good glass if wine} #fmsphotoaday #wine
31. Stuff: Our lives are all filled with some sort of ‘stuff’. What’s your stuff?
Mar 31 - stuff {stuff on top of my buffet - pitcher collection} #fmsphotoaday #pitchers #chickens

There you have it! March’s challenge done and dusted! Thanks for visiting, until next time, Connie 🙂


I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

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