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April “Photo-a-day” Challenge – recap

Here is it May already…where does the time go?  April was interesting, at least the weather certainly was around here! We had everything; snow, ice, freezing rain, regular rain and even a bit of sun!

I had fun taking this month’s photos, some topics were very challenging…

First, Fat Mum Slim – photo a day challenge.  Remember you can follow along on Instagram, just #fmsphotoaday!

1. Play: Take a photo of play. How do you like to have fun?

Apr 1 - play {I like to PLAY with fabric and makes quilts} #fmsphotoaday #quilts

2. Blue: This is our charity prompt for Autism Awareness. Shoot something blue.

Apr 2 - blue {gorgeous BLUE sky this morning; but really cold -8C} #fmsphotoaday #sky #sunrise

3. Something beginning with A: Find something beginning with the letter A, snap and share.
Apr 3 - something beginning with 'a' {fresh ASPARAGUS; soon!!  I can hardly wait} #fmsphotoaday #princeedwardcounty #asparagus #agritourism
4. This happened today: Perhaps you’ll need to take a few photos today and share in a collage, or pick your favourite. What happened to you today?
Apr 4 - this happened today {found an unexpected free minute in the spring sun} #fmsphotoaday #princeedwardcounty #murraycanal
5. Something good: What’s good in your life right now? Do share!
Apr 5 - something good {a spring morning sunrise; with warmth!} #fmsphotoaday #sunrise #princeedwardcounty
6. Air: This month we’re exploring the elements: air, earth, water and fire. Today share air. Tough, right?
Apr 6 - Air {Gorgeous clear blue sky on a Spring morning} #fmsphotoaday #sky #spring
7. Dreamy: To me dreamy is all about light and putting a filter over a photo that makes it a little whimsical. What does dreamy mean to you? Is it a place you like to escape to? Something you hope for?
Apr 7 - dreamy {I love the dreamy atmosphere of early morning fog} #fmsphotoaday #fog #weather #barn
8. On your plate: You could take this one literally: what’s on your plate for lunch etc? Or what you have on your to-do list right now…
April 8 - on my plate {genuine Fiesta ware} #fmsphotoaday #fiestaware #plate
9. Tiny: Look for the small things in life; little ants running across the path, a teeny flower just starting to bloom.
Apr 9 - tiny {My favorite starfish necklace from Florida; a super souvenir} #fmsphotoaday #tiny #starfish
10. A place: Home, work, a cafe, your town, a place you visited… pick a place and share it. Perhaps even geotag it.
Apr 10 - a place {The place I call home} #fmsphotoaday #princeedwardcounty
11. Detail: How can you show off the beautiful detail in something. Get in close and show it off, or just shoot something that has lots of detail worth appreciating.
Apr 11 - detail {old overgrown fencing in Picton} #fmsphotoaday #picton #princeedwardcounty #rusty
12. In the middle: You can use ‘in the middle’ for composition and take a photo of something smack-bang in the middle of the frame, or choose to shoot something that is placed in the middle of other things. It’s up to you.
Apr 12 - in the middle {I love the sheep in the middle Of my favorite wall quilt; "I Woolly Love Ewe". She is color enhanced} #fmsphotoaday #sheep #quilts
13. View from your bed: What do you see when you wake up or go to bed at night? Share it.
Apr 13 - view from my bed {looking out the window} #fmsphotoaday #hipstamatic
14. Water: Share the element water. Is it the sea? In a glass? From a tap?
Apr 14 - water {storm on the Gulf of Mexico last September in Florida} #fmsphotoaday #florida #water #sunset #waves #madeirabeach #clouds
15. Alone: Take a photo of alone. Perhaps it’s how you feel, what you’re doing, or a lone object sitting on it’s own.
Apr 15 - alone {the Search & Rescue boat is ALONE in the harbour this early in the season} #fmsphotoaday #belleville #boat #harbour #bayofquinte
16. Your favourite colour: What’s your favourite colour right now?
Apr 16 - my favorite color {it changes often with my mood & the seasons, but these are my favorite right now!} #fmsphotoaday #tulips #pink #spring
17. Busy: What’s the busiest part of your day? Share it, or share something that is busy {a bee, a line at a cafe, a person working, you!}
Apr 17 - busy {the Garden Centre is NOT busy yet, but soon!!!} #fmsphotoaday #spring #garden #lowes
18. Hello!: Use your imagination on this one. Is it how you greet someone? A sign? A look? Or something else?
Apr 18 - Hello! {you could hear him call out "hello" while basking in the early morning spring sunshine} #fmsphotoaday #redwingblackbird #princeedwardcounty
19. Button: On your clothes, or a button you press to start/stop thing… or a belly button if you may!
Apr 19 - button {buttons on one of my sweaters; each one is different} #fmsphotoaday #button
20. On your mind: What are you thinking about today?
Apr 20 - on my mind {spring & wishing it would be warm enough for tulips in my garden, not just in my vase} #fmsphotoaday #spring #tulips
21. Fire: The fire element! A match? Candles on a cake? A fireplace? Be careful!
Apr 21 - fire {still need a fire lit to keep the house warm} #fmsphotoaday #fire
22. Blurry: How can you get creative and make your photo blurry? Move your camera quickly, or have your subject move quickly past the camera. This should be fun!
Apr 22 - blurry {a blurry, frosty sunrise} #fmsphotoaday #sunrise #blurry
23. Time: You can show how time passes… the sun rising, a clock, something growing, or another way to represent time.
Apr 23 - time {time to get ready for work} #fmsphotoaday #time #watch
24. I saw this person today: Who did you see today? A friend, a loved one, a stranger? Shoot them. Well, don’t shoot them… but take a photo. You know what I mean.
Apr 24 - I saw this person today {Starbucks barrista} #fmsphotoaday #starbucks #coffee
25. Life is…: How is life today for you? Hard? Beautiful? Wonderous? Exhausting? Express it in a photo.
Apr 25 - life is... {beautiful} #fmsphotoaday #princeedwardcounty #water #spring
26. Childhood: Share something that represents childhood to you. Perhaps it’s a photo of you as a kid.
Apr 26 - childhood {a couple of my childhood friends} #fmsphotoaday #sockmonkey #teddybear #steiff
27. Earth: The last of the elements, how will you share earth with us?
Apr 27 - earth {my corner of the earth; chives & thyme are starting...looks like a bit if clean up to be done} #fmsphotoaday #garden #chives #thyme #boots #earth
28. My Sunday: To me Sundays seem like a sacred day. Some people go to church, some people rest or make pancakes, others get adventurous. I’d love to see what your Sunday looks like. You can even share more than one photo {a collage perhaps?}
Warm spring Sunday
29. I wore this today: Share your whole outfit, or just part of it.
Apr 29 - I wore thus today {because its raining ☔} #fmsphotoaday #red #raincoat
30. Glasses: Drinking glasses giving a cheers, sunglasses or spectacles? You choose.
Apr 30 - glasses {two pair. One for reading; the other for driving} #fmsphotoaday #glasses

Here are the photos for my FaceBook group:

1. Window
Apr 1 - window {lots of windows on an old hangar @ the old army base on a rainy morning} #photoaday #picton #princeedwardcounty
2. Rectangle
Apr 2 - rectangle {solar panel behind my office} #photoaday
3. x marks the spot
Apr 3 - X marks the spot {the spot to sign} #photoaday
4. Collection
Apr 4 - collection {part of my Cornish Ware collection; I really love the green} #photoaday #collection #cornishware
5. Bag
Apr 5 - bag {my fav bag} #photoaday #fossil
6. Spring
Apr 6 - spring {a glorious spring morning; sun shining on the creek}
7. What you watch
Apr 7 - what I watch {the ice leaving the Bay of Quinte. Photo taken yesterday @ Prinyer's Cove} Looking forward to spring & warm weather #photoaday #princeedwardcounty #bayofquinte #lakeice #spring #prinyerscove
8. What’s in the fridge
Apr 8 - what's in the fridge {just the basics} #photoaday
9. Self portrait
Apr 9 - selfie {channelling my inner Warhol} #photoaday #selfie
10. Yard ornament
Apr 10 - Yard ornament {This cute little guy sits and watches chipmunks frolic in my garden} #photoaday #gardenornament #hedgehog @missyfowler47
11. Something rusty
Apr 11 - Something Rusty {a hay bale holder; found in our work shed} #photoaday #rusty #farmtools #princeedwardcounty @missyfowler47
12. What’s cookin’
Apr 12 - what's cookin' {Ground beef cheddar cheese casserole} a quick & delicious meal on a busy, chilly day #photoaday #food
13. An animal
Apr 13 - an animal {sheep & lambs @ Nyman Farms during Maple in the County} #photoaday #princeedwardcounty #sheep #lambs #mapleinthecounty
14. Challenging
Apr 14 - challenge {it was a challenge driving home from Florida through a tropical storm!} #photoaday #rain #weather #highway #smokeymountains #traffic
15. When I was 16
Apr 15 - when I was 16 {this is me with my little brother} OMG look at those glasses!!! #photoaday #family
16. Lace
Apr 16 - lace {laces in my sneakers} #photoaday #sneakers
17. Tourist attraction
Apr 17 - tourist attraction {the town of Bloomfield is quite the tourist spot on 'the county'} #photoaday #bloomfield #touristattraction #princeedwardcounty
18. Snack time!
Apr 18 - snack time! {I love my yogurt} #photoaday @missyfowler47 #yogurt #activia #peach
19. White
Apr 19 - white {I love this funky cup & plate for my afternoon treat} #photoaday #cup #white
20. Buds
Apr 20 - buds {buds on my oak tree} #photoaday #buds #spring #princeedwardcounty
21. LOUD
Apr 21 - loud {I need the signal set it loud so I can hear it over my sewing machine} #photoaday #loud
22. Tasty
Apr 22 - tasty {an apple a day ...} #photoaday #apple
23. Clocks
Apr 23 - clock {anniversary gift for 10 years @ work} #photoaday #clock @missyfowler47
24. That’s funny
Apr 24 - that's funny {I love the Reid's Dairy cow} #photoaday @missyfowler47
25. Hearts
Apr 25 - hearts {appliqué hearts on one of my early quilts} #photoaday #quilt #applique #hearts @missyfowler47
26. Nature
Apr 26 - nature {Canada Goose; this one was trying to lead me away from their nesting site} #photoaday #princeedwardcounty #marsh #canadagoose #bullrushes @missyfowler47
27. Love
Apr 27 - love {things I love: my guy, my porch, my yard...just to name a few} #photoaday
28. My favourite superhero
Apr 28 - favorite superhero {my mom; she can do anything} Love you mom  #photoaday #superhero #mom @missyfowler47 @amandafowler1026 @jenn1_503
29. When I was a child
Apr 29 - when I was a child {my first tricycle} #photoaday #blackandwhite #car
30. In the kitchen
Apr 30 - in the kitchen {this is my 'baking counter' in my open plan kitchen} #photoaday #kitchen @missyfowler47


That’s all for April.  Until next time, Connie 🙂


I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

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