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WIP Wednesday… May 15, 2013

It’s been a while since I have posted about works in progress…life happens and we get busy.  But I have been in my sewing room again! (yay!!!)

My first big news is that one of my quilts is hanging in a gallery!  I am just so excited!

I finished “Crayon Box” and took it with me to my local Quilt Guild meeting for ‘show & tell’!  Our guild is very conservative and when I showed it, there was silence!  Not a good sign!  Oh well, this quilt makes me happy and I wasn’t too upset at the lack of enthusiasm.  However, just as I was leaving the meeting for the evening, one of the other members asked if I would be interested in having it displayed at a local gallery.  I asked where and when, and decided that would be great.  She said she would be in touch.  I was contacted last week and it is now hanging in a local gallery (John M Parrott Gallery, Belleville, ON).  It is not part of an actual exhibition, however it hangs in a prominent area, devoted to local artists.  (Look at me *blush*.  I’m an artist!!!)  They rotate the displays every 6 to 8 weeks.  I am more than a little excited!

I am very happy with this quilt and very proud of it too!  It is of my own design, pieced and machine quilted by me as well!  I love the “pebbles-in-the-pond” quilting…it works well with the linear piecing.

May 14 - graduation {my quilt, CRAYON BOX, has graduated from hanging in my sewing room to hanging in the John M Parrott Gallery in Belleville} #photoaday #quilt #gallery

Secondly, I have a finish!  I quilted my “Swedish Stars”!  It looks great…what do you think?

Scandinavian Stars quilted & bound. Just needs a quick trip in the washer & drier to get "quilty".
Finished and photographed late in the evening…
Hanging on the rail to get some sunlight
Hanging on the rail to get some sunlight
Quilting detail
Quilting detail
...on the lawn, in the grass
…on the lawn, in the grass

Lastly, I have been making more triangles for my “Baltimore Pinwheels”…slow progress, but it will be very pretty when completed.

What have you been up to…head on over to Lee’s, Freshly Pieced, and see how everyone else is doing.

Until next time, Connie 🙂


I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

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