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52 Photos Project – Gallery 14 {down below}

I am really enjoying playing along with Bella’ s 52 Photos Project.  Some of the prompts have me ‘road-tripping’ with my hubby in our neck of the woods…touring around Prince Edward County in his beloved 4-wheel drive pick up truck – tunes blaring and, if the weather is nice, the windows all open, looking for the perfect place to wander, enjoy the area and take lots and LOTS of photos.

This week’s prompt had us at Lakeshore Lodge in Sandbanks’ Provincial Park.  Lakeshore Lodge is long gone and only the cement pad remains, but you can stroll around and see two very different beaches.  One is the famous sandy beach that brings lots of tourists from all over to enjoy themselves.  The other is a rocky shore that is below a rocky cliff, in some places crumbling…so be careful.  (A brief history of the lodge is at the end of this post)

Here is my photo of the week and below it are a few more from our morning strolling along the shore, before the afternoon rains arrived.

July 27 - at the park {@ Sandbanks Park from Lakeshore Lodge with the beach in the distance} #photoaday #beach #park #sandbanks

This is the view from the top of the fairly small cliff to the rocky shoreline below.  In the distance you can see the famous sandy beach.

Sandbanks Prov Park - July 27 2013

This is from the same location, just looking slightly to the right.

Sandbanks Prov Park - July 27 2013

Around the bend…

Sandbanks Prov Park - July 27 2013

A rocky beach for the teens…

And below, a couple of the dragon or damsel flies that were flitting about. There were so many and they actually let me get quite close!

Sandbanks Prov Park - July 27 2013

Sandbanks Prov Park - July 27 2013

Thanks for visiting!  Head on over to the 52 Photos Project and see what everyone else is posting!

Until next time, Connie 🙂

Lakeshore Lodge (from the Prince Edward County Archives):
The date that Lakeshore Lodge was built is in dispute. Some believe that it was built in 1893 by Daniel MacDonald, who was originally from Scotland, and his business partner John Hyatt. However, guest books dating back to 1880 predate the above claim. One thing is for certain: for its time the Hotel was truly an experience that attracted many ‘out of towners’ and even some locals as well. The Lodge included a billiard hall, bowling alley, dance hall and of course what is a resort with-out an ice cream parlor. Guests were met with a stage-coach at the drive, and met at the door by the manager who always extended his welcome personally to each guest. In its original state, the marvelous three storey building was known for its large verandas on the main floor, and the second and third storeys. The large hotel boasted both an east and west wing in addition to the large, extravagant foyer and a very popular dance hall.  Cottages were also built on the 60-acre lot for those who preferred a smaller and more private setting, also on the lake side.
The lodge closed in 1972, fell into disrepair and was burned to the ground in 1983. All that is left is the concrete dance floor.


I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

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