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Vacation … Part II – short stop in Georgia

We drove from Eastern Ontario, through several states to Florida. I enjoy the drive. I love to see different parts of the land and countryside, and especially the people.

On our way, we passed through Georgia and made a short stop at Ellis Brothers Pecan Farm.  I love pecans!  I love baking with them and was interested to see how they grow!  The trees are huge!  …and the pecans don’t look like anything I would recognize on the tree.
To get an idea of how big these groves are, check out the size of the trucks parked under these magnificent trees. (click on photos for larger image)

This is what the nuts look like on the tree.

Across the street from the farm is a small cotton patch. It is planted there especially for tourists! You can walk right up and into the field to see the size of the plants and even touch them. The cotton is very soft, just like cotton balls you might purchase in the store, but the outer husk is very hard and sharp. I can just imagine trying to pick this stuff. The day we were there, it was 98F; very humid; and a ton of midges flying about – getting into your hair, eyes, ears, into your clothes. I have a whole new appreciation of those who came before us and made an industry out of this stuff… (I don’t mean to sound daft, but it’s one thing to read about it and a completely other situation standing there in the heat & humidity and imagine picking this stuff all day)

Cotton as seen from the road.

A closer look at the cotton.

The bloom on the plant is very delicate and pretty…look closely, you can see one of those pesky midges in the blossom.

This is what that pretty flower turns into. See the husk at the base – it bites!

Just beyond the cotton patch was a peanut field. It reminded me a bit of our soy bean fields back in Ontario, though the leaves on the bushy plants look more delicate. The peanuts actually grown underground, like potatoes.

Peanut field and irrigation equipment.

Here is a closer view of the plants.

As I re-read this post, it is sounding a bit like a school lesson – sorry about that. I was pretty excited being here and seeing this. I do a lot of reading. Many stories have taken place in various times of history in places just like this…next time I will be able to put myself into the location and be able to remember the heat, the bugs, and get a deeper appreciation of what the author is trying to communicate.

Next time you are in Georgia, you may be interested in checking in this out for yourself…and pick up some peanuts and pecans; for enjoyment and for baking & cooking 🙂

Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoyed this rather dry post…

Until next time, Connie 🙂


I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

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