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I’d like to thank the academy….

This past weekend,  I went to my monthly Photo Club meeting.  As it is December, the meeting was more a social event than an actual meeting…Christmas photos on a slideshow…Christmas music playing…lots of pot luck goodies…mmmm – very yummy!

As a bit of added fun, a couple of senior members went through all photos submitted in 2013 from the various outings and projects and decided to have a light-hearted ‘awards’ ceremony.  They spent countless hours reviewing photos from the last year and to make it an even more festive occasion, purchased little loving cups and prizes for the various awards.

The awards started with a short slide show of 120 of the ‘Best of 2013’.  I was thrilled to see a few of mine in that presentation!

Here are my photos that were included in the ‘Best of 2013’:

Submitted for the May challenge – Reflections

Waupoos - July 14 2013
Taken in July at the Waupoos Winery & Hollyhock outing.

Then came the various awards…I was nominated in 4 categories and was a winner in one of them!

Best Portrait – nomination
Waupoos - July 14 2013
Taken in July at the Waupoos Winery & Hollyhock outing. (This young lad looks like he has the ‘weight of the world’ on his shoulders. There was an event being set up at the back of the winery. I took this just as I was rounding the end of a row of vines. He had just been yelled at by the chef for something, which I had overheard.)

Best Monochrome – nomination
Old Wood
Submitted for the August challenge – Old Wood (this is the ivy over my back fence)

Best Landscape – nomination
C Fowler - Fall Colour 3
Submitted for the October challenge – Fall Colour (I happened on this wonderful view one early morning, on my way to work) The morning mist and the sunrise behind me made magic; at least in my opinion!)

Best Floral – WINNER!!!!
C Fowler - Fall Colour 5
Submitted for the October challenge – Fall Colour (This was a particularly tall row of corn…well over my six-foot tall hubby’s head. I was able to get the sun directly behind the bloom. I keep hearing that show tune from “Oklahoma” – the corn is as high as an elephant’s eye!)

I am thrilled! That other like-minded people like your work too, it’s a great feeling.

Thanks for visiting…until next time, Connie 🙂


I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

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