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Still Life

I am a member of my local “Foto Club”.  It is a great way to learn more about the art of photography and meet with like-minded individuals.  Each month there is an assignment.  March’s assignment was pretty exciting. From this blog’s title you may have already guessed that it was Still Life!

This was so much fun. It was a chance to play with my new camera, various subjects, lighting and, of course, imagination.

Here is what I came up with:

Love the sunlight!

Set on a table with sunlight streaming through the window… I love how that light is captured in the jar and table, through the jar!

More fun...
A serving of love 🙂

This was a lot of fun…and much more challenging than I thought it was going to be.  I had this idea for a while and was excited to see it come out fairly well.  I have to say that I learned a lot…mostly to be patient…and that carving up an orange is more difficult than you think its going to be…and take lots and lots of shots.

My favourite shot
My favourite shot

I think this is my favourite shot for this project.  I love how the sunlight kisses the oranges; they almost glow!  …as well as how it shines through the holes in the colander. seen through a restaurant window
waiting for patrons

Captured while on a walk, through a window.  I was a little nervous shooting through glass.  I’m happy with this result.

balancing act

More fun and games.  Note:  No eggs were injured in process of this shot! 😉

Ready for bed-time
a little bed-time reading

Another light source; a little softer this time.  My bedside table, just before retiring for the evening.

This garden ornament is 3 feet high...
Just a little snow!

Here in Eastern Ontario (Canada) we have had quite the winter!  This garden ornament is 3 feet tall.  This was taken while it was still visible, on a bright sunny afternoon…It disappeared under more snow a day or two later!

Taken with my iPhone in an office reception area
waiting room

Not all photos were taken with my new camera…this one is taken with my iPhone…demonstrating that you can get good photos on these devices…with a little trial and error, and post editing, but I feel this is an excellent shot!

Another iphone shot...
sunlight & shadows

Another iPhone shot on another day with a different angle of the sun…love the shadow play.

Morning light
a little morning sparkle

This is by yet another method – taken with my iPad…I saw the sunlight streaming through my window and my camera wasn’t handy…

Thanks for visiting…I love all your comments.

Until next time, Connie 🙂


I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

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