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May :: Photo-a-Day

Another month has come and gone.  In my part of the world, the cold of winter is more or less gone, though spring is very tentative in arriving…  I still love participating in Photo-a-Day (PAD).  It makes me look at the world around me with different eyes…

Now on to the photos…grab yourself a ‘cuppa’ and spend a few minutes checking out this month’s photos.

The first group that I follow is Chantelle’s Fat Mum Slim (click on the link if you want to follow along):
begins with 'j'
1.  begins with ‘j’ {juniper; this is a large one beside our workshop, but they are all over the county}
2. snack
3. collection {a small portion if my Cornishware collection}
4. us {this is typically “us” on a Sunday morning; coffee & catching up with the local paper, magazines & what’s on sale this week}
4:00 pm
5. 4:00 pm {yay! I’m on my way home from work} Laptop & files riding shotgun
6. from down low {the Bay Bridge; from below} It goes over the Bay of Quinte; I cross it daily
taken from above
7. taken from above {from the archives…from Millennium Lookout above Picton} One misty morning last autumn.
8. blue {these blue signs are all over my neck of the woods; helping tourists find great wineries, farm-to-table restaurants, farm stands, breweries & even a distillery} Come and visit soon!
9. favourite {one of my favourite spots to stop and take photos in all weather; in all seasons}
in the garden
10. in the garden {in my Mom’s garden}
Mother11. Mother {this is my 83 year young mother giving gardening tips to hubby}  She is a 2x cancer survivor, is an avid gardener with prize-winning plants.  Love you mom!!!  She was ADAMANT that she did not want her photo taken, so I had to be sneaky! 😉
12. ready {to share a ‘cuppa’ with hubby after dinner}
I spy
13. I spy …the local farmers have been hard at work; fields tilled and winter wheat is well on its way.
14. lines {what better than train tracks!}
from where I walk
15. from where I walk (the cross walk in front of the grand old Regent Theatre in downtown Picton}
16. create (I’m working on creating a great menu for a family birthday BBQ planned for next weekend}
17. bag {I love that my TAZO tea is in lovely organza tea bags}
something I drew
18. something I drew {I don’t draw, so used my Waterlogue App to create a water-colour painting.  Don you just love technology!!!  This is a begonia I found at a local nursery; turned out well, don’t you think?}
19. alone {a little white stool sits on the edge of the garden’ all alone}
waiting 20. waiting {still waiting for the lilac to start blooming)
21. card {a Starbucks gift card; a birthday gift from a coworker}
22. free {dandelion wishes are always free}
black & white
23. black & white {I love taking photos of old derelict buildings in black & white}
24. sunrise {good morning from Prince Edward County in Eastern Ontario, Canada} It’s going to be a wonderful day!
25. neighbourhood {this is mine}
26. pet {I don’t have a pet.  This is my daughter’s cat, Toochie.  He is adorable, don’t you thing?}
27. meal {my lunch for work} Maybe I’ll get to eat ‘al fresco’ as it is so nice out, finally!
28. unique {I live in Prince Edward County, in Eastern Ontario.  It is very beautiful as well as unique.  We even have our own ecosystem}
negative space
29. negative space {my trusted friend, Mr. Sock Monkey, was happy to help out today!}
side view
30. side view {this is the bridge I cross to & from work everyday}  I had some fun with a ‘toy camera’ filter for this … it’s kind of cool!
31. sunset – from my back yard!

Next, are my submissions for the smaller, group of friends on Facebook…

games people play
1. games people play {baseball; an abandoned field that was once part of the old Picton army base}
fenced in
2. fenced in {the entrance to Macaulay House & Conservation park}
3. blossom {this was a small bunch of daffodils I found at Macaulay House museum this morning; in the rain I might add}
4. knob {there are some pretty impressive knobs on our old pine trees!}
in the attic
5. in the attic {we don’t have an attic. I always thought this house would have an AWESOME attic!} It is currently a B&B here in Picton.
6. bud {one of my lilac bushes is just starting to bud} …and a glimpse of the moon, if you look close!
7. sparkle {it’s a gorgeous sunny morning. The sun was making pretty sparkles shining thru this glass pitcher}
8. colour {great colour in these great pieces of x-ray inspired art at my chiropractor’s office}
9. petals {some violets with last night’s raindrops on their petals}
b & w
10. b&w {the happy pansy faces look great in black & white}
11. Mother’s Day {this is my 83 year young mother giving gardening tips to hubby}  She is a 2x cancer survivor, is an avid gardener with prize-winning plants.  Love you mom!!!  She was ADAMANT that she did not want her photo taken, so I had to be sneaky! 😉
12. tower {water tower in Bloomfield} …on an almost perfect day; warm & sunshine.
13. jam {our fav black cherry jam from Germany!} …and playing with the Waterlogue App.
14. quiet {a quiet spot overlooking the Bay of Quinte; morning fog is lifting & the sun is peeking thru}
15. grey {my little house us now grey; it was blue}
16. swing {someone has hung up a new tire swing} Summer must be on its way!
17. tray {hibiscus tea-tray waiting…}
double up
18. double up {Oh the things we do for PAD! I had to double up on this mornings breakfast of ‘raisin bread French toast’ waffles!}
19. coasters {I made these coasters a LONG time ago; they get lots if use}
20. wonderland {I live in nature’s wonderland!}
21. sweet {a surprise sweet treat at the office today!}
the 70s
22. the 70s {1979 & I’m feeling pretty grown up here. OMG, can you believe those glasses!}
23. clump {my hostas are coming up nicely; and are planted in clumps}
24. clip – self explanatory
25. twigs {my rose of Sharon still just looks like a bunch if twigs.} But I do see a few buds finally.
26. asleep {Mr Sock Monkey is getting ready to fall asleep; tucked in with his favorite quilt}
27. company {my fav local bookshop, Books & Company in downtown Picton}
28. seeds {on & beside my driveway} The squirrels & chipmunks are happy!
29. LOL {Mr Sock Monkey always makes me ‘laugh out loud’!}
30. snippets {You always hear great snippets of conversation; while in line to get your coffee}
31. nest {I believe this is a robin’s nest. It is over the door to hubby’s workshop. The young are already flown away!}

And there you have it!  Another month of fun and games.  Thanks for visiting…comments are always welcome 🙂

Until next time, Connie 🙂


I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

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