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January 2015 :: week four

Welcome back to this week’s edition of Photo-a-day with Fat Mum Slim.

Jan 19 – homemadeIMG_3017-0.JPG When I’m not taking photos, I can often be found in my quilt studio (a grand name for my sewing room 😉). I was commissioned to make a small wall quilt for an acquaintance. This is the result from her specifications. It turned out pretty well, I think.

Jan 20 – window

IMG_3029-0.JPG I love taking photos of old, dilapidated buildings. I’m thrilled I was able to capture the window on the far side of the building too. This is taken at old, Camp Picton; an old Canadian Army base that was used to train troops during WW1. The property is currently being used as spaces for small businesses, artists, and storage.

Jan 21 – in a row

IMG_2101.JPG Another old building. This one is under restoration in Charleston, SC. I love the windows all in a row.

Jan 22 – collection

IMG_3043.JPG I collect lots of things. Dishes, pitchers, bowls, etc. I shared some of these in last week’s 52 Photos Project. I also collect cookbooks. At one time I had well over 200 of them. When we moved into a smaller home, I had to purge a bit. It is still a substantial collection. This is only a small portion of my cookbook collection.

Jan 23 – something far away

IMG_3049.JPG Ice fishing is a popular winter pastime in my area. I personally don’t know what the attraction is…it was ‘technically’ a slightly warmer day and I froze in the few minutes it took me to take this shot. The footprints you see lead to the fish huts “far away” on the ice. The wind was blowing; the ice was making loud cracking noises; and you could see where larger cracks had formed and refrozen. Kind of scary I my opinion.

Jan 24 – play time

IMG_2107.JPGThis is the grand old Regent Theatre in Picton, ON; my home town. The marquee shows the “play’s time”. You can read more about it here.

Jan 25 – black & white

IMG_3062.JPGRegular readers may recall seeing this photo in my “Best of 2014” post here. I can’t decide which I like better; colour or black & white. What do you think?

Thanks again for visiting. Have a great week.

Until next time, Connie 😃


I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

3 thoughts on “January 2015 :: week four

  1. that old building is so interesting the one up there you found in SC, and I sort of collect cookbooks too (surprised?) I love a good cookbook with pretty, pretty pictures. If they don’t have many pictures I’m not very interested. I’m a big fan of Nigella, I used to love watching her cooking show, I can tell she loves food just like I do!

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