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March 2015 – week ten

After another very busy week, I feel accomplished just getting my photo of the day challenge completed. Things are settling down again, so I will have more varied subjects to post soon….I promise 😄

On to the prompts:

March 2  – part of me. Taking photos every day is a part of me. You will be hard pressed to see me without either my iPhone or camera in hand.  Today’s “apps” are pretty amazing. This was shot with my iPad in an app called Camera+. It has really cool filters….this one is called ‘toy camera’. I thought it added a bit of whimsy to what was a rather plain shot.

March 3 – open.  It’s been quite a winter here in eastern Ontario. This particular evening was another evening of ‘white-knuckle’ driving due to snow, ice & wind. I decided to open a lovely bottle of Chardonnay as my reward for arriving home safely.

March 4 – geometric. I’m a quilter (though haven’t been at it much lately). Quilting is very geometric. This is a favourite quilt of mine. I loved this pattern so much as with only straight seems, you get the illusion of curved lines. It is called, “Tennessee Waltz”

March 5 – out the window. It was a lovely morning driving to work. I love my commute since moving away from the city; no traffic. I was able to stop the car in the middle of the road to take a shot of my view out the front window of the car.

March 6 – remedy. The remedy for relaxation after a busy week at work was a night out on the town at our local theatre.

March 7 – sweet. This is an easy prompt for me.  My hubby has a sweet tooth. I like to try new recipes all the time.  This is a new one with a cookie crust and a soft meringue topping with chocolate chips in between.  It was a hit with a ‘two thumbs up’ rating by hubby. 👍👍

March 8 – young. Another easy prompt. This is my youngest & newest granddaughter.

Now I’m off to enjoy a lovely sunny day…with hope to share some new photos soon.

If you would like to join in the fun, check out Chantelle’s Fat Mum Slim blog for the weekly prompts .

As always, I love your comments.  Until next time, Connie 😃


I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

4 thoughts on “March 2015 – week ten

  1. Connie!!!! congratulations on your newest and youngest granddaughter!!! She is amazing, a miracle, sigh. Just so wonderful. I can’t wait for this. I mean yes, I can wait, my oldest will be 20 in April but really, I look so forward to being a grandma, I can only hope one of my three children will decide to have babies. I also like you can’t go anyplace without some form of camera. I love your treat to yourself after the rough ride. I can’t imagine what it would be like driving in the snow. I also love your talent for quilting so much. What a gift.

    1. She is such a little doll. I love babies and the best part of grandbabies is you can give them back…and spoil them too!
      Driving in the snow has all sorts of challenges, but I now feel that I can drive anything, anywhere! Well, maybe not really, but almost 😉

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