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52 Photos Project – week 44 :: across the street

Hello there!  I’m sure you all believe that I have dropped the ball on this project.  I am jumping in with week 44, and will catch up my missing weeks in a few days….

Week 44 – the prompt is “across the street”.

I live in a rural area in Eastern Ontario…we have had a pretty ‘snowy’ winter. This is what is “across the street”.


It is a rather large snow drift; approximately 6 feet high!  I was so pleased to catch the wind curling off the lip of the drift…

Here is a wider shot of the farm across the road:


It is an abandoned farm house that the owner hopes to restore soon.

What is across the street from you?  Don’t forget to check out Bella’s 52 Photos Project and see what everyone else has posted.

As always, thanks for the comments, until next time, Connie 🙂


I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

4 thoughts on “52 Photos Project – week 44 :: across the street

  1. it is really so crazy how drastically different our weather is! I get all giddy as I watch that snow fly off that drift, that’s amazing. I really love my Canada coffee mug and how when I use it I think of my friend over there in the snow. Not sure how long it will take but I’ll be excited when your California sunshine mug arrives.

    1. I know, I’m so jealous of your warmth…I am soooo glad you like and use the cup. It’s a little thing but makes me smile. Your cup took about a week to get there….so I will look for it late this week or early next…and will DEFINITELY take picture to share with you 🙂 🙂 🙂

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