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Spring Fever 

The calendar says it’s spring…the snow & temperatures here in eastern Ontario are trying hard to hang on to winter. So when the girls at She is Three invited readers to a “Spring Fever Self Portrait” challenge, I jumped on board.  

Now, to say I am uncomfortable with ‘selfies’ would be an understatement, but I did mange to follow along. Here we go. 

  1. I am ready for …  Spring, warmer weather, less layers of clothing, longer days & new beginnings.    
  2. I am hungry for … (Impatiently waiting for) all spring’s offerings: asparagus, pea shoots, fresh herbs…soon. 
  3. I am longing for … Pretty spring flowers; & since there is still lots of snow here, I purchased some.  
  4. I am opening for … My heart and soul to longer, warmer days  
  5. I am listening for … Returning birds singing, ice cracking & the wind whistling through the dry rushes.  
  6. I am searching for … Lighter spring recipes… 
  7. I am prepared for … Anything…shopping, a journey, work, a typical day in; it’s all in the bag! 

Thanks for visiting. You can check out what others have posted for their personal challenge on Instagram #sheisthreedotcom. If interested you can follow me @basildonkitchens

These three ladies, Bella, Deb & Jennifer, host a wonderful, inspirational Blog, go check it out:

On the seventh day of each month, she tells a visual story from three points of view.
On the fourteenth of each month, she shares the story behind the first photograph.
On the twenty-first of each month, she reveals the story behind the second photograph.
On the twenty-eighth of each month, she posts the story behind the third photograph.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you are enjoying all the wonderful things spring has in store for you wherever you are. As always, I love all your comment. 

Until next time, Connie 😄


I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

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