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July 2015 – week twenty eight

Hello & welcome back to this week’s photo-a-day challenge.  We are fully into summer and it’s a great pleasure to be out and about taking photos. Now on to this week’s contributions. 

July 6 – messy; this is a little garden that sits behind one of our storage sheds.  It is a happy mess of perennials. As you can see it needs some tidying up, but I love its unruly look. 

July 7 – tiny; this is a milkweed bloom. It is made up of many tiny star-shaped flowers….and they smell so sweet. 

July 8 – a summer drink; I love living in Prince Edward County.  We are surrounded by wineries, cider companies, micro-breweries and even a distillery (as well as many fantastic places to eat!). My summer drink of choice is a refreshing gin & tonic with lime. Here I am enjoying local “Loyalist Gin” from Sixty Six Gilead Distillery

July 9 – a few; when we moved here, we planted hollyhocks with seeds from local farms. They are finally taking hold and putting up a pretty show near our driveway. 

July 10 – my favourite snack; my hubby’s actually…he LOVES bear claws from Panera Bread. I brought this one home for him today as a special treat for him. 

July 11 – loyal; Prince Edward County was originally settled by United Empire Loyaists in the late 1700’s. You see many loyalist flags around the county. This is one of my favourite shops in the quaint little town of Bloomfield, called Cannery Row, PEC. Check out the link for their story. And don’t forget to drop in when you are in the area. 

July 12 – yikes! Sunday morning coffee disaster has been averted. I thought we were out of cream for our morning coffee. Luckily I found another container in our over-flow fridge!   Whew, that was close!

As always, thank you for taking the time to visit. I enjoy your comments. 

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I wish you a great week, until next time, Connie 😊



I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

4 thoughts on “July 2015 – week twenty eight

  1. Connie, There are a lot of milkweed flowers around my street and I always wondered what they were called! Mystery solved! Where is Prince Edward County located?

    1. Prince Edward County is in Southeastern Ontario. If you look at a map, we are that big chunk of land in Lake Ontario just before it becomes the St Lawrence River.
      Milkweed plants are the nurseries for monarch butterflies. There is a big movement here to keep them, though farmers don’t like them.

      1. Ah, thank you! Maryland also has a Prince Edward County and I just wanted to make sure I placed you in the proper one! 🙂

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