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Monday’s …. 

Something a little different today – who I am and why I’m here.  

I’ve been blogging since 2012. I am a quilter and originally, blogging was a way to share and connect with other quilters; and I have made many great connections worldwide with other like-minded, & extremely creative individuals. Posting about my projects, I had to learn how to photograph my quilts, to display them at their best…which drew me into my current interest in photography. Now I post mostly my photographic pursuits, though I am still making quilts. 

During all this time, my husband & I moved from a busy urban life with fast paced jobs, to living a quieter lifestyle in rural, Ontario. We live in Prince Edward County, in the south-eastern part of the province, jutting into Lake Ontario. It is an area rich in creativity. There are wineries, micro breweries, a distillery, & cider houses. Lots of great restaurants & farm markets & cheese production. It is home to a large variety of artists. And last but definitely not least, it is a beautiful natural playground with beaches & bays, wildlife & birding reserves. 

So now, here I am…still quilting, still learning to take pretty pictures, and living a quieter lifestyle in this beautiful area. 

My blog is sharing little snippets of how I see my world. I will be blogging about photography, my current quilt projects, my neighbourhood & adventures, and I may just throw in the odd recipe, as I love to cook as well.  

My ever present assistant, Mr Sock Monkey, helping with a quilt ‘photo shoot’, in the backyard

My blogging goal is to connect with others who also enjoy these things, share feedback, perhaps even inspire someone.  I will be successful if I bring a little smile into your day. 
Welcome. I hope you enjoy what you see.  

Until next time, Connie 😃


I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

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