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September 2015 – week thirty seven

Welcome back to my photo-a-day challenge. I am currently following Beth’s the bethadilly challenge as well as Chantelle’s Fat Mum Slim’s photo-a-day challenge. You can check out their blogs if you want to play along.  

Here are this week’s photos:

September 6 – in the air;  taken at a local marina…flags flapping in the breeze. 

September 7 – sunlight; the last rays of sunlight as the sun was setting, as seen from my backyard. 

September 8 – a pile;  a pile of rocks that make up a pretty fence. 

September 9 – starts with “a”;  this time of year it has to be apples!

September 10 – solo;  looks like someone is planning a morning, solo flight. 

September 11 – remember;  remember to always take some time for yourself each day.  I need to spend a little time in nature…it grounds me.  

September 12 – strength;  I was having trouble opening a jar of jam…Mr Sock Monkey to the rescue. I needed his strength to get it open. He is such a helpful friend. 


Thanks for visiting. I hope you had a great week too!  

Remember you can follow along on Instagram #thebethadillychallenge or #fmsphotoaday; and you can also follow me @basildonkitchens

Until next time, Connie 😃


I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

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