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52 Photos Project – week 31: lights

Welcome back. It’s Wednesday already and another week of Bella’s 52 Photos Project. This week’s prompt is ‘lights’.

lights 2.jpg

This is another timely prompt. We decorated the house for the holidays and put up our Christmas tree last weekend. I love Christmas. Don’t you? And what a perfect opportunity to practice getting bokeh in my photos. The warm Christmas lights add a pretty, warm glow inside and out.

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Thank you for visiting.

Until next time, Connie 🙂


I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

6 thoughts on “52 Photos Project – week 31: lights

  1. Hi Connie, i have light eveywhere around the house, now that it is dark outside when i arrive home, it’s a such good feeling to see these tiny Christmas lights on. Gorgeous photo!

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