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Mondays …

This Monday I’m sharing my weekend adventure in baking.


I saw a photo of these yummy cupcakes on Instagram. They are “Baked Cherry & Almond Cupcakes with Mascarpone Frosting”. I asked for the recipe and was directed to the The British Larder‘s website.

So here is where the adventure began. I live in Canada and some of the products are not exactly the same as in Britain. The taste was wonderful, though here are a couple notes I made for the next time (and there will definitely be a next time):

  • most importantly, I will use cake flour instead of all purpose flour – the cupcakes were a little tough (for a cupcake) and a little dry
  • I would also take them out of the oven a little sooner
  • I was unable to find marzipan – apparently where I live, they only stock it at Christmastime. I added some almond extract to the batter, but the actual marzipan would be preferred (note to self: hunt down some marzipan the next time I’m in the city)
  • the icing was superb … rich & creamy and not too sweet; and the recipe made the perfect amount

Here is the link to the original recipe. I’d love to know if you try it and how it turned out for you….

Bon appetit! Thank you for visiting.

Until next time, Connie 🙂




I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

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