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August 2017 – week 32

Welcome back to this year’s photo-a-day journey. I’m sharing little bits of my daily life & travels.

This week’s weather can only be described as perfect summer weather.  Mostly sunny, but not too hot or humid; only a little rain with the occasional short-lived thunderstorm.

Now onto this week’s photos:

August 6 – lone daylily; this pretty bloom was all alone in the shadows, just begging to be noticed!

6 lone daylily
218/365 (Nikon D5100)

August 7 – lighthouse; this is the Point Traverse Lighthouse at the most south-easterly point of Prince Edward County; you can clearly see how high the water level still is!

7 lighthouse
219/365 (Nikon D5100)

August 8 – forgotten barn; found while hiking…I love these old structures!

8 forgotten barn
220/365 (Nikon D5100)

August 9 – bee & Echinacea; summertime at its best!

9 bee & echinacea
221/365 (Nikon D5100)

August 10 – roof lines; This gem of a home is being lovingly restored.  It is currently the home of several ‘pop-up shops’ including art, pottery & memorabilia.  

10 rooflines
222/365 (Nikon D5100)

August 11 – roadside beauty; it has been a wonderful year for all kinds of pretty wildflowers & weeds.  The roadsides are breath-taking this year.

11 roadside beauty
223/365 (Nikon D5100)

August 12 – baby tomatoes; I do not have a green thumb, so you can imagine my pleasure at seeing these tomatoes on the vines!  Anticipation is building …. I can hardly wait to slice into them 🙂

12 baby tomatoes
224/365 (iPhone 6s)

As always, I thank you for visiting. Feel free to join in on Instagram, #ciuan365 or #nothingisordinary or you can just follow me @BasildonKitchens.

Until next time, Connie 🙂


I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

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