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September 2017 – week 39

Welcome back to this year’s photo-a-day journey. I’m sharing little bits of my daily life & travels.

This week I continue my vacation. We are on the Gulf Coast of Florida and the weather has been great!  Still very hot & humid…just what you want on vacation!

Now onto this week’s photos:

September 24 – start of a perfect day; as seen on my morning walk…just waiting for someone to spend the day here!

24 start of a perfect day
267/365 (Nikon D5100)

September 25 – last flight; the sunsets on the Gulf Coast of Florida are spectacular. Here a trio of pelicans are heading to wherever they spend the night.

25 last flight
268/365 (Nikon D5100)

September 26 – sailing into the sunset; the end to another perfect day.

26 saling into the sunset
269/365 (Nikon D5100)

September 27 – Ringling Museum; one of the gem’s of Florida…The Ringling Brothers Museum. This is an exact replica of Michelangelo’s statue of “David”. John Ringling received permission to have a cast made of the original statue during one of his European tours. This statue sits at the end of the courtyard garden of the Ringling Art Gallery, part of the museum complex. Definitely a place you need to visit if you are in or near Sarasota, Florida.

27 ringling museum
270/365 (Nikon D5100)

September 28 – Vinoy Park Hotel; in St. Petersburg, Florida on Tampa Bay. This is now part of the Renaissance Hotel chain. Another example of Golden Age splendour.

28 Vinoy Park hotel
271/365 (Nikon D5100)

September 29 – another sunset; as our vacation draws to a close, we went for a last walk on the beach before packing up to come back home. The sunsets just never disappoint!

29 another day another sunset
272/365 (iPhone 6s)

September 30 – quiet reflection; the last glimpse of the Gulf of Mexico before heading out to the airport. After a night of thunderstorm and intermittent heavy rain…the morning was gloriously calm. Sad to leave, but happy to be heading home…

30 quiet reflection
273/365 (iPhone 6s)

Note:  Hurricane Irma blew through Florida only a couple of weeks ago. We are lucky enough to be visiting the Gulf Coast, in an area that missed the worst of the damage, though you can see it everywhere while driving around. Other parts of the state, and the Caribbean, were not so lucky. As we are enjoying ourselves, many others are still in dire situations with lots of flooding & property damage, no power, and supplies (i.e. gasoline, food & water) having a hard time getting through to those who need it. There are many organizations taking donations for food, medical needs, & building materials, if you feel so inclined.

As always, I thank you for visiting. Feel free to join in on Instagram, #ciuan365 or #nothingisordinary or you can just follow me @BasildonKitchens.

Until next time, Connie 🙂


I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

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