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January 2018 – week 1

Welcome to 2018! I hope everyone had a wonderful festive season, however you celebrate!

I am embarking on my fifth year of taking & posting photos every day. I have found a rhythm that works for me…and will continue as long as I enjoy this endeavour. Thank you everyone for joining me on this journey.

This week’s weather can be described with one word … “COLD”! Oh my goodness…is it cold! Last night a low of -28C (-32C with windchill)…and we have lots of snow! But it is so very pretty! Just make sure to dress appropriately when you go out!

Now onto this week’s photos:

January 1 – Hello! Anybody home? This little chickadee was very busy gathering food and taking it to his home.

1 hello, anyone home 1
1/365 (Nikon D5100)

January 2 – winter tree art; I love how the bare tree branches look in the winter. Each tree has its own distinctive pattern. This one with the little berries was a hive of activity before I came along & disturbed the little birds.

2 winter tree art 3
2/365 (Nikon D5100)

January 3 – sumac in the snow; can you find the little chickadee? I love the little hits of colour that you can find in the winter!

3 chickadee in the sumacs 2
3/365 (Nikon D5100)

January 4 – more snow; if you look closely, you can see the snow flakes!

4 more snow
4/365 (Nikon D5100)

January 5 – trail behind the house; after all those goodies & especially the sweets, there will be lots of time spent on this trail. All that snow makes for a great workout!

5 trail behind the house
5/365 (Nikon D5100)

January 6 – looking for breakfast; this little guy was busily picking the seeds off the various weeds peeking out of the snow. I try to scatter some birds seed in the winter for these little ones so that they don’t go hungry. My reward is some great company on my walks and photo opportunities too!

6 breakfast buffet 3
6/365 (Nikon D5100)

I thank you for visiting. Feel free to join in on Instagram, #ciuan365 or #nothingisordinary or you can just follow me @BasildonKitchens.

Once again, Happy New Year!

Until next time, Connie 🙂


I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

5 thoughts on “January 2018 – week 1

  1. I love the pictures you have taken. They are very clear and well done. I am especially fond of the chickadee picture…I recently learned that over 20 of those little birds can fit into one hole in a tree!

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