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January 2018 – week 4

Welcome and thank you for joining me on this year’s project of taking/posting photos every day.

This week’s weather started with freezing rain and ended on a warming note with more rain. I’ve been housebound for part of the week due to back strain, however, was still able to find interesting things to photograph; but am very happy to be getting back to normal … slowly.

Now onto this week’s photos:

January 21 – late afternoon sunlight; I’m so glad to see the days getting longer again & the golden rays of afternoon sunlight give the impression of warmth, even though it was just an illusion!

21 afternoon sunlight
21/365 (iPhone 6s)

January 22 – rainy day, before the freeze; this was just the beginning, turning to ice just an hour later and continuing all afternoon…I was glad to stay in the house!

22 rainy day
22/365 (iPhone 6s)

January 23 – sewing room angel; the aftermath of yesterday’s freezing rain left everything dangerously slippery…I stayed in my sewing room to work on a special project. This angel is the guardian of all my sewing endeavours…making sure that all seams are straight, all pieces are cut properly & generally keeping me on schedule! Her help is always appreciated.

23 sewing room angel
23/365 (iPhone 6s)

January 24 – leaf in the snow; from freezing to snowing…the wind blew this leaf into my path while out for a short walk – motion is lotion!

24 leaf in the snow 2
24/365 (Nikon D5100)

January 25 – layers of ice; this is the result of the highs & lows; rain, freezing rain & snow of our January temperature swings – interesting layers along our creek bank. I love the daily changes; Mother Nature is amazing! There is always something new & interesting to see.

25 Icy stream bank
25/365 (Nikon D5100)

January 26 – winter bokeh; sunlight on our little creek sparkling through the branches; so much beauty around us.

26 stream bokeh
26/365 (Nikon D5100)

January 27 – a quiet cup of tea; early morning, watching the world wake up … tiny moments …

27 tea time
27/365 (Nikon D5100)

I thank you for visiting. Feel free to join in on Instagram, #ciuan365 or #nothingisordinary or you can just follow me @BasildonKitchens.

Until next time, Connie 🙂


I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

7 thoughts on “January 2018 – week 4

      1. Oh, I’m so sorry! That is hard. A woman always needs her mom. I still have what I call ‘mom moments’ and it’s been 13 years. But the way I look at is that each time I have a moment when I oh so much miss her, each time I say out loud (generally when I’m by myself) that “I want my mom,” each of those times are times I get to have her right there with me. And I’ll tell you, it’s a LOT of times. So tomorrow just know that she’s right there with you and even though you wish she could physically be with you, she’s not so very far away. Hugs.

  1. Your bokeh capture is amazing! I love bokeh (insert sigh here)! And your cup of tea looks so inviting, that I am tempted to go make one for myself! xx

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