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Monthly Quilting Review – January 2018

I seem to need some method to keep me accountable, if only to myself. With that in mind, I will publish a monthly review to document my progress. Maybe this will make me more productive as well!

I am currently working on:

Baby quilt for newest grandchild (made from a “Bee Inspired” Jelly Roll.)

  • progress: trimmed the finished quilt top and completed the back.
  • I am waiting for the batting to arrive and hopefully there will be another finish next month! 

Restoration project (no photo yet)

  • progress: removed the old back & batting (a pain-staking process!).
  • Next steps: I will attach the delicate top to a piece of flannel (purchased);
  • re-applique the flowers onto the top;
  • then new back & batting with simple quilting. (batting purchased & waiting arrival; backing fabric has been sourced)

Deck-ade The Halls (started in 2014)

  • no progress to date;
  • backing fabric & batting have been purchased;
  • Next steps: sandwich the quilt;
  • decide on how to quilt it!
Deck-ade the Halls

New projects planned:

  • Florida Memory Quilt: Every year while on vacation in Florida, I purchased a few fat quarters that will remind me of those vacations. I have been looking for the perfect pattern to make a memory quilt
  • progress: pattern found and list made of extra materials required


I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

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