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March 2018 – week 10

Welcome and thank you for joining me on this year’s project of taking/posting photos every day.

The weather this week has been almost spring-like, but we did have a bit of snow late in the week. The temperature is fluctuating just above and just below zero celsius, perfect maple syrup weather!

Now onto this week’s photos:

March 4 – rooster weathervane; presiding over the Bay of Quinte, near the Glenora Ferry crossing. Lots of ice in this direction, but there was lots of open water too!

4 rooster weathervane
63/365 (Nikon D5100)

March 5 – patiently waiting for spring; in the summer, this is a busy restaurant & patio at the Lake on the Mountain Resort. This particular day it was silent except for some ice cracking on the lake and dripping from the roof!

5 patiently waiting for spring
64/365 (Nikon D5100)

March 6 – just a little snow on the rock wall; and if you look closely, there is a hint of growth under the snow…spring must be just around the corner.

6 just a little snow on the stone wall
65/365 (Nikon D5100)

March 7 – the tree; I mentioned before that I love the shape of deciduous trees in the winter when all the leaves are gone. This one looked quite majestic on the shore of the frozen lake.

7 tree on the lakeshore
66/365 (Nikon D5100)

March 8 – melting lakeshore; though the lake is still frozen, you can see winter’s hold slipping; the shoreline is melting.

8 melting shore
67/365 (Nikon D5100)

March 9 – sunlight kissing the pines; I just had to capture the first rays of sun glistening on our pines, early in the morning as I was leaving for work.

9 sunkissed pines
68/365 (Nikon D5100)

March 10 – it bloomed again! I do NOT have a green thumb, so you can imagine my joy that my Christmas cactus has bloomed again. It was looking pretty ragged right after Christmas and I had very little hope it was make it through the winter, but I continued to nurture it and now I have been rewarded with three beautiful blooms!

10 it bloomed again
69/365 (iPhone 6s)

I thank you for visiting. Feel free to join in on Instagram, #ciuan365 or #nothingisordinary or you can just follow me @BasildonKitchens.

Until next time, Connie 🙂


I am living my dream life in the country! I love photography, travelling, cooking, baking and I even try my hand at quilting.

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