Who I am and why I’m here.

I have been blogging since 2012. I am a quilter and originally, blogging was a way to share and connect with other quilters; and I have made many great connections worldwide with other like-minded, & extremely creative individuals. Posting about my projects, I had to learn how to photograph my quilts, to display them at their best…which drew me into my current interest in photography. Now I post mostly my photographic pursuits, though i am still making quilts & blogging about them.

At about the same time, my husband & I moved from a busy urban life with fast paced jobs, to living a quieter lifestyle in rural, Ontario. We live in Prince Edward County, in the south-eastern part of the province, jutting into Lake Ontario. It is an area rich in creativity. There are lots of wineries, micro breweries, a distillery, & cider houses. lots of great restaurants & farm markets & cheese production. It is home to a large variety of artists. and last but definitely not least, it is a beautiful natural playground with beaches & bays, wildlife & birding reserves.

So now, here I am…still quilting, still learning to take pretty pictures, and living a quieter lifestyle in this beautiful area.

My blog is sharing little snippets of how I see my world. I will be blogging about photography, my current quilt projects, my neighbourhood & adventures, and I may just throw in the odd recipe, as I love to cook as well.

If interested, you can also follow me on Instagram @basildonkitchens.


On a more serious note, please don’t use my photos without asking as they are taken by me.   Stealing them would be a little rude. Also if you wish to re-post one of my tutorials or recipes, you needn’t ask, but please link back to this blog when you do.  Thank you in advance.

11 thoughts on “About

    1. Quilting, to me, is soothing. When I was learning, I was overwhelmed, but if you break down the process, it is not so bad. It just takes time. My first quilt was completely hand sewn.

  1. Always like to visit the About – I knit, crochet, but have never ventured out to quilting – but I do like to look at them! Actually came here for Thurs. Door, but can’t find your comment box…

  2. Connie, I did not realize that you had an Etsy shop. I went to look at it but you don’t have anything listed. Will you be adding your beautiful quilts?

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